My graduation wishlist

Every girl have that one dream bag. A designer bag, a multipurpose bag, or any specific bag they have in mind. Not necesarily expensive though. It might be a Hermes, Chanel, Kate Spade or Tumi. (Tumi is one recent brand I just discovered when my bestfriend showed to me. It's her dream bag because... There's a built-in micro chip in the bag. How awesome is that?)

As for me, it's just a simple-cute-not too pricey-bag. The Bow Bag. It was love at first sight when I saw it on billboard advertisement in Korea for the very first time. Just the right size, cute ribbons at each side and a tiny fold with metal Miu Miu written on it. Miu Miu yet to enter Malaysia market during that time. I fell in love at that very moment. (I'm more to heels person. Falling in love with handbag is so unusual for me).

When Miu Miu was officially opened in KLCC, I had a quick peek on it. Admiring it, trying it on andddd check the price. Er, ok... Slowly put it down, smiled at the salesgirl and quietly out from the boutique. I was a 4 months old employee with a fresh grad average salary. That's like 2 months++ of my full salary? Hmm. 

I even put it up on fb as a hint back in 2011. 

I then kept on telling my mum that I want it as my mba graduation gift. But mum kept ignoring me. Ok fine. I can wait for another few years as my doctorate gift then. (Mum disapproved this proposal too, but I don't care. Hee). It will be kinda cool when I walk around with the bag that carries my "Dr" title. (I already plan to name it as DBM - Dr Bow Miu)

When I bought some other designer handbags, mum will always perli me. "Why buy this when you always wanted Miu Miu?" And I always responded "because I want Miu Miu as a graduation gift". There's one time when I was purchasing a bag and while the sales attendant was wrapping my bag in the box, my mum again asked me "are you sure you wanna buy this bag? I bet you won't use it just like your other bags. Why don't you go to Prada next door and check your Miu Miu availability. As for this bag, I'll buy from you" (durh. Nice try mama. This is not like Carlo Rino that sells their product at Bonia boutique. Have you ever seen Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton?). -______-"

Last week, we had a visit to Starhill Gallery for mum's new handbag (anniversary gift from dad to her). Just so you know, it's like an annual thingy where I will follow her to the boutique. She'll ask the attendant to take out like 20 handbags from the display and pretended that she's having a tough time to decide on which handbag she wants, *you know... because it's a gift so she better have the best one. -__-" (Honestly she already browsed and decide a month earlier lol). 

We then walked to pavilion for lunch. Passed by Miu Miu and I told my parents that I wanna have a quick peek (which means the package of trying, admiring, smiling to the attendant and quietly out from boutique. Lol). The attendant greet us with a big friendly smile. 

"Hi. I just. Just. Just.... wanna survey on the current price of that ridiculously gorgeous cute Bow Bag"
"Oh! Bow bag! Hold on. Lemme get it for you"
"No no... I just wanna know the price..."
Too late. She's already out from my sight and happily running downstairs to take the bag. 

There it was. In front of me. Gorgeously shining. 

"The current price bla bla bla. Oh ya. For your info, it will be discontinue bla bla bla. The new production price will increase for another +/-10%"

I was in my awe mode and not listening properly to what she said. 

Wait. A. Minute. 

How much did she said just now? The price increased by thousand++ from the last time I touched this?! 
Discontinue for how many years again??!
Another 10% increase??!

I sighed. Trying it in front of the mirror with cute Shrek-Pussy in Boots-Eyes to my parents. Slowly I put it down on the sofa (sad face still there). 

"Miss pretty, we are only left with 2 units now"

My eyes widen. Turned to my parents at the sofa area. One is pretending to reply whatsapp although he did not subscribe for internet data. Another was busy picking up her new bag that I dropped on the floor the moment we entered Miu Miu. (That paperbag annoys me a lot. Get out of my way!). I turned to Lala. She gave me one annoyed look. "You just bought a bag last week, mok" *damn. Such a concrete justification. 

I waved goodbye to the bag. Omg. So dramatic. Mum then told me"if I were you, I'll grab the bag. Only 2 left with price increase after one year? How much will that be? 7-8k? Buy now and We will look for a new dream bag as a gift."

It's like a huge motivation. I ran to Miu Miu. The girl saw me and understood without me saying a word. She rushed down to take the bag. 
*God bless you Chloe! hugs*

For the past 8 years, I swore to myself I'll never buy this bag. It's supposed to be a present (One of the reasons I wanna further study. Lol). I'm thinking of canceling to purchase. The only person that can stop me is Lee. I texted her and if her reply is a "No", then I'll stop Chloe from wrapping it. (She's already stuffing papers in the box at this stage). 

20 minutes and still no reply from Lee. Oh well. 

And yeah. I slept with a huge smile on my face that night. Lol. 

Now. Let's look for a new handbag as graduation wishlist, shall we. Tumi maybe? So the name will be DTM - Dr To Me. 


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